Plantable Sustainable seed pencils

Plantable Sustainable seed pencils

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Sustainable Gift Set- Seed Based Diary Pen & Jute Pouch

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Sustainable Gift Set- Seed Based Diary Pen & Jute Pouch

Plantable Sustainable seed pens

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Product Specifications:

  • Sustainable Seed Pens.
  • Food Grade Color.
  • Recycled Paper Body & Cap.
  • Seed Stored inside the capsule.

Additional Details:

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Eco-Friendly Plantable Sustainable seed pens for Corporate Gifting

Introducing our Sustainable Seed Pens – an epitome of green sophistication perfect for corporate gifting. These pens transcend traditional writing instruments, as each one is embedded with seeds, promising a journey from pen to plant. After unleashing your creativity on paper, simply plant the pen to watch your ideas sprout into vibrant plants, embodying the essence of sustainable living. Ideal for eco-conscious companies, these pens are more than a writing tool; they symbolize a commitment to sustainability and mindful living. Make a lasting impression with a memorable and impactful gift that aligns your corporate values with a greener, more sustainable future. Choose our Sustainable Seed Pens for a unique blend of functionality and environmental responsibility.


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