Bluetooth Speaker with digital Clock

Bluetooth Speaker with digital Clock

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Eco Friendly Toiletry Kit

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Eco Friendly Toiletry Kit

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Gift Set

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  • Bamboo Essentials Set: Sustainable and stylish
  • Bamboo Ruled Inner Notebook: 96 eco-friendly pages
  • Bamboo Pen with Stylus: Dual-function writing tool
  • Bamboo Card Holder: Chic organization solution
  • Bamboo Keychain

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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Gift Set for Corporate Gifting

Introducing the Bamboo Essentials Set, where sustainability meets practicality with a touch of elegance.

Within this curated collection, you’ll find:

A Bamboo Ruled Inner Notebook: Featuring 96 pages crafted from sustainable bamboo paper, providing a luxurious surface for your thoughts and ideas.

Bamboo Pen with Stylus: Seamlessly switch between traditional note-taking and digital navigation with this versatile pen, elegantly crafted from sustainable bamboo.

Bamboo Card Holder: Keep your cards organized in style with our sleek bamboo card holder, adding sophistication to your everyday carry.

Experience the beauty of bamboo while embracing eco-consciousness and functionality with our Bamboo Essentials Set. Perfect for those who appreciate sustainable solutions without compromising on quality or style.


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