Sustainable Eco friendly plantable Notebook


Product Specifications:

  • Paper Cover Notebook.
  • 62 ruled page.
  • Corrugated box packing.
  •  Screen Printing.
  • 90 GSM Paper.

Additional Details:


Sustainable Eco friendly plantable Notebook for Corporate Gifting

Each page is a tiny garden waiting to sprout from your musings. Crafted from planet-loving materials, this customized plantable notebook promotes not just note-taking but a lifestyle of environmental harmony. It’s not just a notebook; it’s a seedling sanctuary.

The wire-bound flexibility ensures that flipping through your ideas is as seamless as watching your planted seeds grow.

Our Eco-Friendly Plantable Notebook challenges you to jot down new thoughts everyday, plant seeds, and embrace a future where every scribble contributes to a greener, more vibrant world. Cultivate ideas, sow seeds, and let your creativity bloom sustainably!


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