Customized Rare Rabbit Bonded Fleece Jacket


Product Specifications:

  • Black Bounded Fleece Jacket..
  • Full Sleeves.
  • Regular Unisex Fit.
  • Printing Recommendation:Embroidery or Digital Print.
  • Available Sizes: XS-4XL (International Size Chart).

Additional Details:

Rare Rabbit


Customized Rare Rabbit Bonded Fleece Jacket

Presenting our exclusive Customized Rare Rabbit Bounced Fleece Jacket, brought to you by Merch Story—a blend of sophistication and comfort tailored with your employee needs in mind. This custom bonded fleece masterpiece is perfect for employee gifting in all season.

This Rare Rabbit customized jacket is made especially for your employee or team mate to say thanks for all the hard work they have done. It’s made with super soft fleece and crafted with lots of care, so it’s not just a jacket—it’s a symbol of how awesome you are to the team.

And here’s the cool part: you can make it even more personal by adding your company logo. It’s like putting your stamp on it and showing everyone you’re part of the team.

So, when you wear this Customized Rare Rabbit Bounced Fleece Jacket, you’re not just staying warm and stylish—you’re also wearing a big thank you from us to you.


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Rare Rabbit

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Rare Rabbit