Pandora Folding Box with sticky Notes & Papers

Pandora Folding Box with sticky Notes & Papers

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MDF Desktop Stationary Set

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MDF Desktop Stationary Set

Customized Cube box Sticky Notes

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  • Product: Cube Box Sticky Notes
  • Purpose: Perfect addition to office stationery collection
  • Size: Measures 9.5×9.5 cm
  • Weight: 240 grams
  • Design: Compact and convenient desk accessory
  • Customization: Option to add company logo for brand visibility
  • Uses: Ideal for quick notes, reminders, and messages
  • Benefits: Enhances productivity and organization
  • Ideal for: Employee welcome kits and thoughtful, functional gifts for new hires
  • Impact: Elevates office environment with a blend of utility and professional branding

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Introducing our Cube Box Sticky Notes, the perfect addition to your office stationery collection. This compact and convenient sticky note set measures 9.5×9.5 cm and weighs 240 grams, making it an ideal desk accessory.

Customized with your company logo, these sticky notes provide a practical and stylish way to keep your brand visible in the workplace. They are perfect for quick notes, reminders, and messages, enhancing productivity and organization.

An essential part of any employee welcome kit, the Cube Box Sticky Notes make a thoughtful and functional gift for new hires. Elevate your office environment with these customized sticky notes, blending utility with professional branding.


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