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Getting ready to welcome a new remote team member or new joinee at your office? With an employee onboarding box full of useful and personalized gift items, start them off well!

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Welcome to Delhi-top NCR’s supplier of employee welcome kits! At Merch Story We understand that beginning a new job can be overwhelming, which is why we provide a range of high-quality, fully customizable welcome kits to make new hires feel appreciated.

Our employee welcome kits are tailored to meet the need of your company’s requirements and include everything a new hire needs, including office essentials, branded merchandise with company logo printed, office uniform and a company guideline documents, and other necessities to help a new worker get started. You may give new hires a sense of value and support right away by investing in a welcome package, which can prepare them for success in their new position.

Popular Employee Welcome Kit Ideas

welcome kit cap, tshirt backpack and headphone
welcome kit in cheap bags
Welcome kit in jute bag
welcome kit canvas bag notebook pen lanyard mug
Welcome kit slingbag bottle pen notebook
welcome kit for backpack temprature bottle clock and notebook
welcome kit for jutebag keychain bottle
welcome kit for jutebag pen mug and lanyard
Employee welcome kit branded bag mug headphone and bottle
branded bag notebook waterbottle and tshirt
welcome kit backpack notebook bottle and t-shirt

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What should be included in an employee welcome kit?

  • Making new hires feel valued and welcomed to the team is easy by including corporate merchandise in an employee welcome package. Here are some pointers for including corporate swag in an employee welcome package.
  • Pick items that are consistent with the branding and values of the business. For instance, if a company cares about the environment, you may include a reusable water bottle or a tote bag made of eco-friendly materials in a welcome kit.
  • You may  include a t-shirt or mug that bears the employee’s name or initials. The gift will be more meaningful and the employee will feel more a part of the company as a result.
  • Consider the practicality of the items. Think about what your employees will actually use and appreciate. For example, a mug or water bottle might be more useful to an employee than a keychain or pen.

Consider giving an employee welcome pack in a reusable jute bag with company logo or special message printed on it. You can add a personal touch by wrapping the items in tissue paper or placing them in a gift bag or box. You could also include a handwritten note or card to add a personal touch.


What are the five major points to consider while ordering an employee welcome kit?

Employee welcome kit requirement mainly depends upon size of your company, budget and or any specific needs, but some common points you may consider are:

  • Personalized branded merchandise with company logo printed with employee initials.
  • Practical items like a laptop bag, water bottle, or mouse pad, desktop items.
  • Office stationery items such as pen, notebook, sticky notes or marker.
  • Information about company objective, past history, mission statement.
  • A welcome note from the CEO or reporting manager.


What is the minimum order quantity for employee welcome kit?

Minimum order quantity depends upon the type of product you choose, but usually it starts from 25 pieces.

How to know the prices for employee welcome kit?

Final price for an employee welcome kit widely depending on the level of customization, product quality and total order quantity. If you have a certain budget in mind for the welcome kit, then our team will adjust the product based on your budget. Starting range for employee welcome kit is 650.00 and the price will increase as per customization and the price decreases as the quantity increases.

Is Merch Story a reliable supplier of Employee welcome kit in Delhi NCR?

Merch Story has worked with over 100 reputed companies as a corporate gift vendor in last 5 years. With superfast delivery, excellent printing quality and over 1000 product options, Merch Story has an excellent tract record of delivering high quality corporate gift items. 

Can we include employee welcome kit with sustainable goods?

Employee welcome kit can be environmental friendly in the following ways.

  • Choosing jute bag instead of paper bags


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