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Privacy Policy- Themerchstory

Significance of Privacy Policy

Themerchstory is committed to respecting the privacy and secrecy of personal information of all the visitors and customer of our website. For Themerchstory, customer’s trust and amusement comes is most significant and unconditional. And with consideration and due respect to your privacy we have designed our privacy policy to ensure that your personal information handled in a safer and an accountable manner.

Any personal information shared with us on your visit to our website handled in a way suggested under this policy. It is important to note that privacy policy is not applicable when information about the customer collected by our affiliate or third party websites which may post link or advertisements that are accessible on our website. All those information collected by these affiliates or third party websites are subject to addressed by their privacy policy.

Information Collected by Themerchstory

Herein we are going to discuss the various categories of pieces of information that are collected by Themerchstory.  The customers can share what information they want to share with us on our website. But it is important for us to keep the customer informed that withholding of required information may prevent them from the use of some or other features of our website.

 Whenever a customer visits our website some information like IP address, type of web browsers they are using and activities they are carrying on our website are automatically tracked. The details of IP address are used to diagnose the problem if any with our server and it is also helpful in administering our website.

Personal information also provided by customers by sending emails or by filing personal information form available on the website. We collect and store all the personal information provided by the customers. When a customer register and sign up for an account with PromotionalWears this will allow us to collect the information like customer name, email address, and their password. And when they place an order we are provided with the details of shipping address, billing address, and their payments details.

To give an opportunity to win gifts and rewards Themerchstory keeps on arranging quiz and surveys on their website. And to participate in this quiz and surveys, the desired participants have to share some minimal personal information. Participation in these quizzes and surveys is entirely voluntary, and it is at the discretion of the customers to share or not their personal information.

E-mail Policy

At Themerchstory we follow a practice of making mailing list (that contains customers email address and name only), and general shopping activities carried on by the customers. But these details are not shared with anyone for any purpose but in a case where Personal Wears receive a request from their customers to share the details with the companies offering the product of their choice we abide to share the details.

Further, if a customer does not want to receive e-mails from Themerchstory on goods and services offered by us and that may of their interest they just indicate this by removing the applicable check mark during their registration. If later on, a customer wants to change his/her preference they can do this by updating account and selecting account update option and refresh the choice of their preference.

Policy with regard to cookie

Themerchstory uses cookie feature of the browser. It is important to know what a Cookie is; it is a small text stored in a computer by a web browser. Being in a text form they are not executable and also they can not replicate themselves into a virus. Cookies transferred with intent to assign customer a unique customer code and record locator. Whenever a customer revisit or returns to Themerchstory site cookies are read to identify the customer, and it also helps to recall the order and preference of the customer. Cookies are also helpful in recalling the past activities of a customer on Themerchstory. Please keep a note that no personal information stored in the cookies. They are accepted by default by most of the browsers. Cookies got rejected by the users by changing their browser preferences. But certain disadvantages are attached to the rejection of cookies like our shopping cart will not work properly.

The privacy policy of Themerchstory covers the use of cookies and files alike. But the policy does not allow the use of cookies and files by third party advertiser or third party link available on Themerchstory site.Third-party advertising companies are used to serve ads on behalf of Themerchstory.

Account deactivation Policy

A customer’s account with Themerchstory can be deactivated by contacting our customer support service. Customer support service availed through the mail and contact number provided on the website. Please be informed some information of your’s will remain in our archived records after your account gets deactivated.

Themerchstory have an electronic, procedural and physical system to ensure the safety and protection of customer’s personal information. SSL (Secured Socket Layer) technology used to ensure the safety of customer’s payment through credit card. On the establishment of an account with Themerchstory customers are allowed to create a unique password to ensure the safety of their account. And it is to the customer that how strong a password they can create for their account. The customers can change their password as often as they wish.

Links to third party product and services- Policy

On your visit to Themerchstory site, you will be provided with an opportunity to purchase goods and services of third parties also. These third parties who supply and offer goods and services at our site are not owned or operated by Th. As soon as you click on the offers provided by third parties, you will be directed to their sites and information shared in response to their offers will be collected and used by these third parties and not by Themerchstory.  Please be informed information provided to third parties and dealing with them will be covered under their privacy policies and has nothing to do with the policies of Themerchstory.


Conslusive Note

Themerchstory acknowledges that its policies may evolve or undergo revisions over time. However, it is important to note that Themerchstory is not responsible for disseminating updates and modifications to customers. Nevertheless, Themerchstory assures its clients that their personal information will be utilized solely for the intended purposes for which it was initially shared.