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Become a hero and support underprivileged school students across the country by supporting Merch Story!

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Our Mission

Merch story began with a simple mission: to be the greatest place to buy and manage high-quality promotional items that customers want to keep. We did this by curating the finest of what’s available and streamlining the entire purchasing and distribution process. Our industry-leading management platform makes the entire process extremely easy to manage.

Every purchase from Merch Story goes back into our merchandise distribution program, which helps fundraise and distribute school supplies, t-shirts, pens, and notebooks among underprivileged students. We are happy to distribute over a lack of merchandise in the rural areas, and our mission is to cover the rural areas in the coming years. 

About Us

With our unique curation process and a team of people who have been at the forefront of creating exciting merch, there is no limit to what we can do for you.

Become a hero and support underprivileged school students across the country by supporting Merch Story! By partnering with purpose-driven brands and skilled artisans across the country, we offer custom merchandise, ranging from t-shirts, bags, pens, notebooks, and more. Every purchase that you make from the Merch Story adds up to fund the gap between rural areas like India where school supplies are not available.
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