Create a new employee kit that makes your team excited to join

Craft unforgettable onboarding gift pack and everyday office essentials for new team members or clients. Blend branded goodies with exceptional products to deliver an unforgettable experience they’ll cherish!

Starting a new job can be a bit hectic specially for freshers. From filling out paperwork to meeting lots of new people, it can feel like a lot. But welcoming new team members doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive.

At Merch Story India, we’ve figured out how to make onboarding simple, fun, and classy.

Merch Story India is the top company in India for making onboarding kits for employees. We’ll help you make your new team members feel right at home, without spending too much money.

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Founded in 2016 with the mission to make employee welcome kit easily accessible to corporations across globe, Merch Story set out with a clear goal: New Hire should feel at home from day one.

When a company welcomes a new team member, they aim for them to feel inspired by the company and its mission. So, when Merch Story designs new welcome kit for their clients, We  ensure all the essentials were covered.

Is the laptop properly configured? ✔️

Day one meet-and-greet with the team? ✔️

Understanding of business processes and workflows? ✔️

Making sure all new hire has company manual at their desk along with desk accessories ✔️

Merch Story had all the standard items checked off, but they questioned if they were truly setting up their new team members for success and to embrace the Merch Story mission.


New Hire Kit Ideas


Employee Welcome Kit

Merch Story Model R Welcome Kit- Customizable Onboarding Kit

Product Specifications: Square Shape Corrugated Box. Size: 10*10*3.5 (Inches). 220 GSM U.S. Polo Drift T-Shirt. 250 ML Sipper. Travel Tumbler. Premium Edition White Cap. A5 Size Notebook. Metal Keychain with...


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Employee Welcome Kit

New Hire Welcome Kit Edition X- Customizable Onboarding Kit

Product Specifications: Thick 0-3 mm Kappa Board. Size: 10*12*4 (Inches). 260 GSM Dual Tipping Polo T-Shirt. 500 ML Aluminum Water Bottle. Travel Tumbler. Red Metal Ball Pen. Red A5 Size...


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Employee Welcome Kit

New Hire Welcome Kit Edition R- Customizable Onboarding Kit

Product Specifications: Thick 0-3 mm Kappa Board. Size: 10*12*4(Inches). 400 GSM Cotton Hoodie with Zipper. 500 ML Hot n Cold Water Bottle. Travel Tumbler. Black Premium Metal Pen. Royal Blue...


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Employee Welcome Kit

New Hire Welcome Kit Edition N-Customizable Onboarding Kit

Product Specifications: Thick 0-3 mm Kappa Board. Size: 10*12*4 (Inches). United Color of Benetton T-Shirt. 500 ML Hot n Cold Water Bottle. Eco-Friendly Coffee Mug. Royal Blue Metal Pen. Royal...


Merch Story aims to give each new employee something special to make them feel like part of the team. At Merch Story, We always brainstorm, “What should go into the Welcome kit?”

Recently, Merch Story had a great experience ordering die cut stickers and Kappa Board Box from Printing Material in order to make new hire kit more useful and presentable.

However Eco friendly carry bag and vinyl die cut Stickers are cost-effective.

Once Satisfied with the Outer box design and desk essentials , Then the team moves on to the next items for the welcome kit. 

The team always keeps at least six other essential items for new hires:

  1. A welcome letter signed by the CEO
  2. A branded water bottle
  3. Personalized Pens
  4. A customized notebook
  5. A small kit of sticky notepad, paper clip, laptop stickers and manual
  6. T-shirt, Cap or Sweatshirt with the company logo printed.
Welcome kit March Story

Most corporates orders welcome kit for the fresh hire as well as for their interns!

When you visit our office, you’ll see welcome kit ideas everywhere, showing how much we are obsessed with the new ideas and innovation.

As per the new hire, “Getting cool stuff from the company is really nice. Every company/startup should do it. When I wear our shirts and use eco friendly bottle and other stufs, I feel like I’m part of something big.”

As per company HR “New people always love their gifts. Especially the interns, they’re always surprised”

No more stressful first days. Now, it’s all about feeling welcome and excited to be part of awesome team.


  1. Custom Stickers: Start with stickers that have your company logo. They are cheap to make and can be put on laptops, phones, or notebooks. It’s a fun way for new hires to show off their new workplace.

  2. Basic Supplies: Include simple items like pens and a notebook. These are things every new employee can use right away. It keeps the kit useful and straightforward.

  3. Unique Item: Add something special that represents your company. For example, if your company is all about travel, include a travel-friendly item like a laptop bag.

  4. Welcome Letter: Put a friendly welcome letter in the kit. This should make the new hire feel valued and give a warm introduction to the company culture.

  5. Quick Start Guide: Include a guide that helps the new employee understand what to do first. It could have info on how to set up their email, who to meet on their first day, or how to access the company’s systems.