25 Best Selling Promotional Gifts in 2024

25 Best Selling Promotional Gifts in 2024

Discover our selection of 25 best selling promotional gifts in 2024. From sleek metal pens to versatile pendrives, eco-friendly bottles, stylish caps, sophisticated metal card holders, digital table clocks, chic leather bag tags, and more – we’ve got something for every occasion.

What sets us apart? Each item is expertly crafted and embossed directly from the manufacturer by Merch Story. That means you get top-notch quality and attention to detail, with your company logo printed right on the gift for maximum impact.

With our diverse range of options, you can make a lasting impression on clients, employees, and associates. It’s time to enhance your marketing strategy and make your brand stand out with these premium gifts.

1. 3 Fold Mobile Stand

3 Fold Mobile Stand

Introducing a mobile stand that’s designed to maximize space efficiency and enhance your viewing experience. This innovative stand folds completely, taking up minimal space and easily slipping into your pocket. With its 3-fold style and double angle adjustment feature, you can customize it to your preferred viewing angle, with free adjustment up to 270 degrees.

2. 3in1 Lamp with Wireless Charger

3in1 Lamp with Wireless Charger

Introducing Pen Zen, the innovative 3-in-1 Lamp with 15W Wireless Charger and Tumbler. This versatile device combines functionality and convenience for a seamless daily experience.

Featuring a built-in wireless charger ranging from 5W to 15W, it effortlessly charges Qi-compatible devices, eliminating the need for cables and adapters. With a feather-touch power button, operation is simple and intuitive.

3. 6 In 1 Military Pen

6 In 1 Military Pen

Introducing our 6-in-1 Military Pen, a premium tool with rugged aesthetics and multifunctionality. This pen combines six essential functions in one compact design, making it an indispensable tool for various situations.

With a stylus and phone stand integrated into the cap, convenience is at your fingertips wherever you go. The built-in compass provides directional guidance, while the emergency torch ensures visibility in dark environments.

4. Alarm Clock With Light Up Numbers

Alarm Clock With Light Up Numbers

Introducing our beautiful table alarm clock featuring super sweep movement, offering smooth and silent operation. With a snooze button that lights up the dial, this clock boasts an eye-catching design that adds flair to any space when illuminated.

Functionality meets style with the snooze alarm function, ensuring you never oversleep. Additionally, the night-sensor function gently lights up the dial at 10% intensity, making the time easily visible without disrupting your sleep.

5. Artis Wireless Keyboard & Wireless Mouse Combo

Artis Wireless Keyboard & Wireless Mouse Combo

Introducing our Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, designed for comfortable and convenient use away from your computer. This combo includes a full-size keyboard with a matte surface and a precision mouse, ensuring you can work comfortably wherever you go.

The compact and ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and portable enough for use in the office, at home, or anywhere else you need it. Plus, it features a dedicated Rupee Symbol key for added convenience.

6. Charging Cable With Double Side Light Up Logo

Charging Cable With Double Side Light Up Logo

The Clip-On Charging Cable is an innovative and practical accessory perfect for on-the-go use, featuring an easy carry finger loop for convenience. This unique cable not only takes care of your charging and data syncing needs but also enhances brand visibility. When in use, the cable lights up, highlighting an engraved logo on both sides that glows, drawing attention to your brand in a striking way. Designed for versatility, it includes connectors for iOS (compatible with iPhone 5/6/7), Micro-USB, and USB Type-C, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously. The reversible iPhone/Micro USB connector minimizes clutter, making this cable a great promotional item that can be customized with your company logo.

7. Custom Digital Clock with Photo Frame

Custom Digital Clock with Photo Frame

The Custom Digital Clock features a unique circle design that incorporates three LCD displays showing the date, time, and temperature. It includes a photo frame where you can easily swap in any picture of your choice, making it a versatile addition to any table. This clock also comes equipped with a countdown timer and nine different music alarm modes to suit your preferences. It operates on 2 x AAA batteries, which are not included.

8. Custom Display Clock With Day, Date & Temperature

Display Clock With Day, Date & Temperature

This versatile custom display clock showcases not only the time but also the day, date, and temperature, blending style with practicality. The easy-to-read display ensures you can quickly check essential information at a glance. Designed for flexibility, it can be mounted on a wall or set up on a table, making it a perfect fit for any room. The dual branding areas on the top and bottom offer excellent opportunities for company logo printing, ideal for promotional purposes. Please note, it requires 2 x AAA batteries, which are not included.

9. Custom Rotating Table Clock

Custom Rotating Table Clock

This rotating clock is an evergreen addition to any table, combining functionality with style. It features a smooth 360-degree rotation, which allows for visibility from all angles. Additionally, it is equipped with a pen stand and a spacious stationery holder, making it a practical piece for organizing your workspace. The design includes three-sided branding areas, perfect for customized promotions. Ideal for office environments, this clock ensures that keeping time and staying organized is both easy and elegant. Minimum order quantity for promotional branding is 200 pieces.

10. Custom Table Clock with Silver Ring

Custom Table Clock with Silver Ring

This round table clock features a striking silver ring border, enhancing its overall appearance and making it suitable for any size table. It has a 5-inch dial that provides easy readability and a design that allows for quick battery changes.

11. Fast Car Charger with 4 USB Port

Fast car charger with 4 usb port

Introducing our Fast Car Charger with 4 USB Ports, featuring advanced charging technology for efficient and rapid charging on the go. With support for QC 3.0 and PD 2.0 Fast Charging standards, this charger delivers a combined super high output of 30W (18W + 12W), ensuring your devices charge quickly and safely.

12. Fast Car Charger with 4 USB Port

Fast Car Charger With USB C Port

Our Fast Car Charger with a USB C Port, designed to keep you powered up while on the road. This charger comes with dual USB ports, giving you flexibility in charging your devices.

It supports QC 3.0 and PD 2.0 Fast Charging standards, providing a combined high output of 30W for efficient charging. Plus, it’s equipped with advanced circuit protection to ensure your phone stays safe from short circuits and overcharging.

13.Folding Wired Headphone Set

Folding Wired Headphone Set

Our headphones, designed to deliver powerful sound quality with heavy bass and mids for an immersive listening experience. The portable folding design makes them easy to carry wherever you go, while the comfortable and soft earbuds ensure long-lasting comfort during extended use.

14. Mini Folding Mobile And Tablet Stand

Mini Folding Mobile And Tablet Stand

Our Mini Folding Mobile and Tablet Stand, a must-have desktop accessory for your devices. This compact stand provides a stable base for your smartphone or tablet, keeping it at the perfect viewing angle. With anti-skid pads, it ensures your device stays securely in place, protecting it from slips and scratches.

15. Mini PC Speakers With Volume Control

Mini PC Speaker with Volume Control

 The Power Plus Mini Speakers, a set of two speakers designed to elevate your audio experience without breaking the bank. These compact and stylish speakers boast a space-saving design while delivering powerful 2.0 audio performance. With a whopping 6W output, you can enjoy clear and distortion-free sound that fills the room.

16. Power Glow Charging Cable

Power Glow Charging Cable

The PowerGlow All In 1 Charging Cable, a revolutionary cable that redefines charging experiences. Its unique design features a double-sided logo area that lights up when in use, showcasing your branding in a striking way. With both Type A and Type C inputs, it offers versatility and compatibility with a wide range of devices.

17. Power Strip With USB Ports & Night Lamp

Power Strip With USB Ports & Night Lamp

Enhance your space with our versatile Power Strip, which combines functionality and style. This essential accessory features two sockets and two USB ports, ideal for charging multiple devices simultaneously. The integrated two-mode lamp offers both a reading light and a night lamp

18. Premium Power Bank with Cable

Magic Box Premium Power Bank with Cable

our Premium Power Bank, featuring a high-quality lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh. Encased in an exclusive aluminum alloy body, this power bank offers durability and a premium feel.

19. Self Stirring Mug with Grade Steel

Self Stirring Mug with Grade Steel

Our Self Stirring Mug, the ultimate convenience for making coffee, soup, protein shakes, and more. Crafted with food-grade 304 stainless steel inside, it ensures the safety and quality of your beverages.

20. Table Clock with Pen & Card Holder

Table Clock with Pen & Card Holder

This table clock features a fresh, round design that incorporates both a pen holder and a visiting card holder, making it a practical addition to any desk. It offers a large area on the front for branding with a logo, ideal for promotional purposes. A minimum order quantity of 200 pieces is required for this product.

21. Universal Travel Adaptor With Dual USB Port

Universal Travel Adaptor With Dual USB Port

The UV200 Universal Travel Adapter is your perfect travel companion, designed to fit the electrical outlets of multiple countries including the USA, Europe, Australia, and the UK. This compact and lightweight adapter is easy to carry and comes equipped with built-in safety shutters to prevent electric shocks.

22.Eco-Friendly Cork Customized Coffee Mug

Cork Based Mug

The epitome of sustainability and style in corporate gifting – the Cork Customized Coffee Mug by Merch Story. Crafted with the environment in mind, these exquisite mugs combine the natural beauty of cork with the functionality of a coffee mug, offering a unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional options.

23. Custom Eco Cork Mug

Custom Eco Cork Mug

Our Custom Eco Cork Mug, the epitome of eco-conscious craftsmanship and practical design. Crafted from sustainable wheat fiber, this mug not only minimizes environmental impact but also ensures your beverages remain free from harmful BPA. Its spacious 450ml capacity accommodates your favorite drinks while the single-wall construction keeps them at just the right temperature.

24. Custom Cork Notebook with Mobile Pocket

Eco-Friendly Cork A5 Notebook Set with Bamboo or Cork Pen

The versatile and eco-friendly Cork A5 Notebook, your ultimate companion for productivity and organization. Crafted with a blend of cork and PU material, this notebook combines sustainability with functionality seamlessly.

25. Custom PU Luggage Tag

PU Luggage Tag

This Custom PU luggage tag is designed with convenience and security in mind. It features a hidden info card where personal details can be safely stored, providing peace of mind while traveling. Crafted from imported PU material, it ensures both durability and style. The double back pasting ensures a strong and durable attachment to your luggage. Additionally, it offers the option for customization with your company logo, making it a stylish and practical choice for employee gifting purposes.