10 Things to consider before Buying Customized Bag for Employees

When it comes to ordering laptop bags and backpacks for your employees or clients, customizing them with your company’s branding can be a powerful way to show appreciation and promote your brand. However, the difference between a well-received bag and one that ends up never being used can hinge on several key factors. Here are ten crucial aspects to consider before making your purchase:

10 Things to consider before buying customized laptop bags for employees
  1. Quality of Zip: A bag’s durability often comes down to the quality of its zippers. Opting for a reputable brand like YKK can ensure longevity. Zippers are the gatekeepers to your belongings; a broken one renders a bag nearly useless.

Custom Ykk Zip

2. Internal Compartments: Organization inside the bag is crucial. At minimum, look for:

    • A separate shoe compartment, useful for those who might head to the gym before or after work.
    • A dedicated laptop compartment to keep tech secure.
    • Additional dividers for documents and essentials.
    • An included rain cover to protect everything when caught in a downpour.
Backpack Internal Compartments

3. Water Bottle Holder: This feature should not only be present but also sturdy enough to handle the weight of a full water bottle without tearing.

Customized Backpack Waterbottle

4. Stable Base: A reinforced base with integrated stands ensures the bag remains upright when set down, preventing wear and spills.


5. Reinforced Stitching on Shoulder Straps: Given that the straps bear most of the load, ensure they are double-stitched to handle additional weight without breaking.

Merch Story backpack

6. Logo Embroidery: Embroidered logos last longer than printed ones and add a touch of class to the bag.

Merch Story backpack 1

7. Warranty: Ensure there’s a warranty that covers at least six months for the stitching and zippers, safeguarding your investment against early wear and tear.

8. Cushioning: Good quality padding is non-negotiable, especially to protect electronic devices like laptops or tablets from bumps and drops.

9. Ergonomic Design: Comfort is key, especially if the bag will be carried for long periods. Look for padded straps, a contoured back design, and breathable materials to enhance comfort and reduce strain.

10. Eco-friendly Materials: With increasing awareness of environmental issues, choosing bags made from sustainable or recycled materials can resonate well with employees and clients, reinforcing your company’s commitment to sustainability.

Choosing the right customized bag involves more than picking a color and slapping on a logo. It’s about ensuring functionality, comfort, durability, and a design that aligns with your brand’s values. Keep these ten points in mind to select a bag that not only looks good but also fulfills all the practical needs of those who will use it.